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For example, our summer 2012 open networking event welcomed over 550 guests to Colston Hall and was sponsored by Bentley HR Owen, Mango Ink Creative, Tara’s Table, Colston Hall, Nuffield Health and Krispy Kreme.

We are currently seeking partners to sponsor our next 3 major events in 2017. Some sponsor testimonials can be viewed in our film here -

Sponsoring is a great way, at a surprisingly affordable price, to connect with thousands of potential customers – whether it be a message to our substantial guest database, or a promotional table at our prestigious, red carpet events. We are open to bespoke promotions too.

“I set up my private chef and corporate event catering business, Tara’s Table, 3 years ago and it has gone from strength to strength – thanks to networking. I networked like crazy for the first two years and came across the wonder that is Jamie Breese and Only Connect.

I took the decision to sponsor Only Connect in my second year, and I had the opportunity to provide canapés for the event at the Colston Hall. What a great decision it was! As a result of dong this event, I am now a recommended caterer at The Colston Hall and I’ve secured jobs with top local firms and had so much recognition as a result – people still say “You did Only Connect, didn’t you?” a year on.

If you’re starting out in business, or just want to give your business a massive boost and instant publicity, I’d highly recommend becoming a sponsor of this prestigious, growing event.”
Tara Hofman, Tara’s Table

“When I was first invited to Only Connect a few years ago, I was a little dubious about evening networking with 400+ people. How was that going to work and how could I possibly benefit? I took some advice from a friend who had previously attended and booked in for the speed networking, as an icebreaker. I got to meet people in advance, find out if we ‘connected’ and later in the evening had nice warm contacts to spend more time with. As a result, we have directly benefited with some nice new business. Only Connect is also a great way to catch up socially, with a good mix of other networking connections I have made. This is my 5th event and I am very much looking forward to both the event and the additional exposure that sponsorship will bring”.
Nigel Peeck, N3 Display Graphics,www.n3display.co.uk

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